Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wish List Linky Party and TpT Sale!

Hello everyone! I am super excited to be trying 2 new endeavors today!  I'm joining my first linky party and participating in the teacherpayteachers 3 million teachers strong sale!  The sale is Thursday and Friday, Feb 27-28.  Click here to go directly to my store where everything will 20% off Thursday and Friday! Enter code TPT3 at checkout and enjoy an extra 8% off! Thanks to PoppyDreamz for the TpT sale clip art!

I'm happy to join my first linky party -  "Wednesday Wish list" Linky party hosted by Amy at  For this linky party I will blog about something from my TpT store, a music item from another a TpT store, and a non-music item from TpT.   Thanks Amy for hosting the wishlist party!

An item from my Tpt Store:

Rocket Ship Run - if you have younger children you have probably heard this song and many others by the Laurie Berkner Band.  The inspiration for this activity came from my own children's enjoyment of the cd "Rocket Ship Run".  In listening to the title track over and over again, I was drawn to the repetitive words, verse/chorus format, catchy groove, and opportunity for creative movement. I had to come up with something more than just listening to this fun song!

In this activity, the students act out the words of the song but rather than just listening and moving, I have created a SmartNotebook file where the slides go along with the words of the song.  The students fly to the sun, moon, stars, and back home to the earth.  The students love counting down  - can't have a rocket ship run without a countdown - and then blast off!  This is also a great cross curricular activity that classroom teachers appreciate! Rocket Ship Run is activity is requested again and again by students and teachers alike!!  The download comes with the Smartboard file, detailed directions and some teaching stratigies.  Fly on over to TpT and check it out!

A music wish list item:

As one who is always looking for new ideas to implement in my classroom, TpT can be soooooo overwhelming and exciting all at the same time!  My pick is Cup of Cocoa by TpT seller Malinda Phillips.  
"In this game, students will sing so and mi on a five lined staff while also reading simple treat rhythms using quarter note and barred eighth notes.  

Students gain points for how accurately their group is able to sing the treat melodies.  The team with the most extra treats for thei cup of cocoa wins!"

I think that my students would really enjoy - hope it goes on sale!!!

A non-music wish list item:

Ok - I will admit it, I am an office supply junkie and since TpT started I am a clip art junkie!  Can you ever have to many backgrounds, borders, images, or fonts?  I don't think so!!!  So my wish list item from a non-music TpT store is for clip art! I have to admit it was difficult to pick just one as my list is quite long!  So, I decided to go with Bird Clip Art, Birds on a Wire.  (This is by Dancing Crayon Designs - one of Aileen Miracles favs I just learned at her blog!!!) I think there is a whole lot of stuff I could do with those birds and the 2 line "wires" they sit on - don't you see some so/mi prep activities just waiting to be born!!!!  Maybe I'll purchase during the sale and blog about how I use it next time!!!

Thanks for reading, happy shopping during the TpT sale - I know I will be grabbing some great bargins!!!

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